Like it or not, politics is about marketing, not being “right”

Bottom line guys, if we want 100 Rand Pauls in the senate… NO “TRUTH” FAIRY COSTUMES. People have every right to be passionate about what they wish— but if they want to keep getting voices for liberty on the floors of congress… LEAVE THE INSIDE JOB SHIRTS AT HOME.

What’s more important, getting new people into the liberty movement, or yelling at those who don’t agree with something you believe? We can’t approach neoconservatives and liberals with a closed fist ready to punch them. And as libertarians, shouldn’t we be practicing a non-hostile approach to things anyway?

One does not have to sacrifice libertarian principles to make political maneuvers and as long as we intend to engage the system, we must understand how our broken electoral system operates. We can’t beat neocons at their game if we refuse to play it in the parameters in which they and liberals operate. The system will overpower a small movement that works outside of it… but a small movement that works inside of it, can create tidal waves.

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