“Conservative Civil War” or The War of Neoconservative Aggression

As Obama tramples on the constitution, many are wondering… just who will stand against him and the policies he’s implementing?

Burning founding documents emits a significant amount of carbon you know...

President Obama at the State of the Union address

Many conservatives, libertarians, and independents turn to the Republican party, some with enthused optimism, others with hesitant cynicism… the coalition often formed under the GOP banner is one of loose affiliations and uneasy alliances, but more and more those alliances seem all-too-tense to remain alliances at all.

CPAC 2012... will there be blood on the escalators?

The conservative political action conference is considered one of the landmark meetings of right-wing activists each year, here in Washington, DC. Arranged by the non-partisan American Conservative Union, it’s straw poll is considered by many to be a strong finger to the pulse of conservative politics… and potential GOP nominees. Lately, the winds have been blowing in favor of Ron Paul, who has now twice won the poll, in 2010, and again this year.

But we still have to deal with the likes of this guy

Big Government; it's only liberal if the democrats do it!

Chris Malagisi, the newly-appointed director of CPAC 2012, a self-proclaimed conservative, despite this chummy picture with Mr. Big Government. Shortly after the first Republican presidential debate of 2011, Malagisi released a commentary in the Washington Examiner (now removed apparently), blasting Congressman Paul and his supporters, asserting that our policy positions make us unfit to claim membership to the GOP, or any conservative legacy at all…. despite the fact that Paul’s positions are so strikingly close to Mr. Conservative himself, Barry Goldwater.

Well it seems, Malagisi will fit right in at the ACU, who continue to display any lack of common sense when it comes to building an effective conservative coalition. Not only does Malagisi, as a representative of the ACU, slap a significant portion of the so-called conservative coalition in the face by attacking libertarians— but his employer has now barred gay conservative group GoProud from CPAC 2012. Even more surprising, the rabidly anti-communist John Birch Society has also been barred from appearing at the conference in any official capacity.

Of course GoProud’s presence at previous CPAC conferences also raised concerns with large right-wing organizations such as the Heritage foundation, Media Research Center, and the Family research council, but this doesn’t bode well for avoiding a movement rift. Perhaps, pushing out GoProud is done with the intention of bringing old blood back into the CPAC tent… the religious right, and the policy wonks over at Heritage… but consider this: as CPAC representatives alienate more and more self-proclaimed conservatives; are they exacerbating a growing rift among the right? The winds are blowing toward the TEA Party, toward libertarianism, toward Hayekian thought, and toward tolerance for homosexuals… and yet the ACU, and it’s new CPAC director are moving away from these things. The GOP establishment has infuriated the TEA Party with their recent debt compromise, and even more so with the formation of the so-called Super-Congress… even in the midst of political chaos, established conservative organizations are failing to unite coalitions under banners of pragmatism. One has to wonder, what the future holds for the conservative movement as a whole, and for the GOP, if these rifts continue to grow…

We get bailout! Someone set us up the hyperinflation!

If Obama remains unchallenged by a principled leader, someone capable not just of smooth rhetoric, but execution of consistent principle… conservatives, independents, and libertarians all lose. One thing is obvious as libertarians have a louder voice in the fight against Obama… a banner of intolerance, religious fanaticism, or imperialism will never again be capable of defeating the progressive machine.  It’s time for the rest of the conservative movement to graduate and leave the culture war to cultural battles, rather than legislative ones. If the rest of the conservative movement isn’t ready to pull its pants up, act like big boys, and move into the 21st century… we will all lose to the leviathan government (…and then none of us will get to have lemonade stands.)

He's crazy. Vote Mitt.

Oh this was that guy with the blimp.

One response to ““Conservative Civil War” or The War of Neoconservative Aggression

  • Subhash

    I think that if Romney remains the ctnsisoent conservative that he claims to be, he’ll get another shot at the nomination sometime down the line. You’re joking right? Willard would never find a more perfect scenario to become the Republican nominee as he had in 2008, yet he still managed to repel the majority of Republican voters in almost every region of the country. He spent a huge chunk of his family fortune ($10 per vote no less), had the conservative establishment supporting him, yet still somehow managed to come in third place on Super Tuesday. Would it even be logistically possible for Willard to finance another $100 million campaign, half or more from his own campaign, when he failed to win a single prominent battle in this year’s primaries, save for the one in Michigan that McCain basically forfeited. he’s young and he still has plenty of opportunity to have a bright political future. Willard Romney’s career in public office is almost assuredly over. I have a little bit of egg on my face as well for taking this guy seriously for nearly a year. As recently as November, I gave him an 80% chance of winning the nomination due to his phantom strength in the early states.“Out of love for America, I must stand aside.”One of the more hilarious concession speeches I’ve ever heard. Secretary of the Treasury Romney? Vice President Romney? McCain needs the conservative support, and when it comes to fiscal matters Romney would be a strong choice. I expect McCain is too petty to let his personal grievances with Willard trump any political advantage it may offer to put Willard in his administration. Maybe I’ll be proven wrong, but McCain’s sandbox-worthy petulance towards Willard in the last debate gives me doubts.

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