Al Qaeda is so last season: YOU are the new villain

The 10th Anniversary of the September 11th attacks is just around the corner. There has been much speculation as to what significance that day will have…  if any. Is there possibility of another attack from Muslim radicals come 9/11/11? President Obama told CNN that the government is more concerned with the threat of ‘lone wolf’ attacks, than high-impact incidents from Al-Qaeda:

“The risk that we’re especially concerned over right now is the lone wolf terrorist, somebody with a single weapon being able to carry out wide-scale massacres of the sort we saw in Norway recently… when you’ve got one person who is deranged or driven by a hateful ideology they can do a lot of damage and it’s a lot harder to trace those lone wolf operators” -President Barack Obama 

But wait… wasn’t the Al-Qaeda  menace the greatest existential threat to mankind? What about all the talk of dirty bombs and middle-america massacres? Here’s the thing, the narrative was getting stale after 10 years of syndication. Now, I’m not being conspiratorial here, but let’s make one thing perfectly clear: Government wants to grow whenever and however it can, and it used the excuse of Islamic terrorism whenever possible to allow itself to do that.

People weren’t buying the Al-Qaeda scare anymore.  It’s kinda like how the Department of Homeland security was never really successful in using a baby xylophone to trump up fear …

Hide you kids, hide you wife, hide yo husbands too... they taxin' errbody out here

Hide you kids, hide you wife, hide yo husbands too... they taxin' errbody out here

It began to appear that the Boogie-man himself was more likely to emerge from his closet, than Osama Bin Laden was from his hypothetical cave-fortress in Afghanistan. But then, in 2011, we got him. Problem: If you’re government, and you want to keep growing, you must keep manufacturing a justification to supply your tax-payers.

So, the need for new super villains arises.  New excuses are needed for justifying the perpetual violations of civil liberties. After all, you can’t keep a series going if you don’t change up the bad guy every once in a while, so it’s out with the old and in with the new. The new threats aren’t KSM or Bin-Laden, but they COULD be your  blond, blue-eyed next door neighbor..  the Anders Behring Breiviks (The Norway Shooter)  or the Jared Lee Loughners…

All the while you have a Vice President  reportedly calling Tea Party activists terrorists for opposing the administration’s hell-bent determination to destroy the dollar (which is ironic coming from a man who looks like a Dick Tracy comic book villain).

Re-framing the terror threat narrative as something more likely to come from a loner than Al-Qaeda brings the police state to our front doors (and back doors [TSA-anal-probe pun not intended]) in a way we’ve not before seen. This will pave the way for a lot more scrutiny of the individual… making violations in individual liberty all the more frequent. We’ve started to see the vilification of certain political ideologies or forms of communication in the media now.

The media has already begun re-framing the meaning of the term ‘flash-mob’ into something with violent connotations. Our vice president equates fiscal sanity to terrorism. You have instances of governments obstructing communication, as happened in San Fransisco in the Bay Area Rapid Transit stations, where phone service was blocked to prevent a citizen protest. Anonymous reported that the Federal Government had been in negotiations with Booz Allen Hamilton to develop certain web technologies that would subvert and distort the free flow of information and ideas in social media… (again we see government seeking to strike at the very heart of a free society: open information. And, as is always the case with tyranny, it will be done in the name of security.)

A lone wolf doesn’t need a secret underground lair, or a global network. They simply need a deranged mind. Suddenly, America’s fear-mongers can instill the notion that the next madman might very-well be your next-door neighbor. Suddenly, there are calls to ‘tone down’ the ‘firey political rhetoric’ (which ends up being anything the establishment finds uncomfortable, like say politically criticizing the Fed) and you see sales spikes in the government purchase of back-scatter machines and invasive survellience equipment. DHS is releasing ‘informational’ videos depicting anglo-saxon terrorists and local governments are arming themselves to the teeth with with crowd control weapons. All of the sudden, it becomes the norm to see militarized riot cops in black-armor, and the revolver-carrying sheriff a mythical image of the past.

The new bad guys aren’t Muslim extremists. It was simply too difficult to justify the control of ideas or movement in the West by parading an external threat… no the new threat has to be more malignant, and more ambiguous. Something not foreign to the collective of Western society. For governments to get what they want… the new bad guy has to be you.

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