Our President is such an eloquent speaker. He’s so articulate and knowledgeable on the issues that truly matter (when he has a teleprompter)… but when he’s hit with a real question, when you take him off the pulpit and confront him with something out of his comfort zone?Suddenly his sophistries stop shimmering… and the words he’s stuttering over start to fall flat.

During a Presidential Town-Hall in Cannon Falls, Minnesota the politically uncomfortable question of medical marijuana was raised to the debtor-in-chief who seemed at a loss for anything intelligible.

He’ll… he’ll just… wait what? Did he even actually say anything? er… well. For all the nasty things I could say about Obama, it almost hurts to watch him flail like this. He at least STARTED to make some allusion to state’s rights, but he has to be pretty careful there too. He wouldn’t want to appear to be endorsing the constitutional right of nullification now would he? Not with his precious corporatist healthcare plan on the line. Perhaps he wanted to avoid having to explain why his attorney general, Eric Holder, continues to treat medicinal marijuana operations as criminal enterprise.Obama wouldn’t have to do much. An executive order is treated as-good-as-law (especially these days, in the era of czars), a few simple strokes of the pen could put a leash on the DEA and order them to quit harassing medical dispenseries. But don’t count on it. That would take the kind of integrity, guts, and principles, that President Obama consistently fails to display.

So, it looks like there’s no change for those needing Marijuana for pain management… one can only hope then, that the states are able to decriminalize it without anymore… imperial entanglements.

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