Libya on the Brink: What about blowback?

Obama continues to play golf at Martha’s Vineyard even as Libya’s current regime supposedly collapses. Meanwhile, NATO continues a wishy-washy policy of not-quite-knowing just what it wants with Libya or how extensively it wants to intervene, but it seems the chips are finally falling into place for the embattled nation… though the chaos isn’t over just yet. Col. Moammer Ghadhafi’s government, after four decades, is reportedly collapsing. U.S. officials have expressed fear of last minute reprisals from Gadhafi on civilians in the capitol of Tripoli, though it is unknown whether or not his government forces are still capable of such action. On Sunday rebels reportedly captured Col. Moammar Gadhafi’s son and heir apparent, Seif al-Islam, at the rebel-held town of Benghazi (update: there are conflicting reports that he is still free). Rebel forces are advancing into the capitol city of Tripoli and are now closing in on Gadhafi. He has not surrendered and is not expected to.

So one tyrant will lose power but we do not yet know who or what will fill that power vacuum, rest assured though, that something will… one could hope that Libya as a people move closer toward the concept of liberty (much more so than the constant media praise for ‘democracy’), but to assume that this will be the case puts a glossy ignorance over the situation at best. Afterall, there were many reports that a great number of the soldiers in the Libyan rebellion had previous ties to supposed Al-Qaeda operations in Iraq. The Libyan rebels now closing in on the throne are just one faction on the chess board, there were others… and there have already been clashes between them. The problem is that it’s hard to discern just how many factions of people are already vying for power in the wake of the Libyan rebelion. Some rebels have been reported to have links to Al-Qaeda, said to overlap with rebels who do not desire a Western-styel democracy, but instead seek to return Libya to a Monarchy or an Islamic Republic, as it was before Gadhafi deposed the King Idris.

In the midst of the chaos, is NATO willing to pull another ‘Operation AJAX’? Well, for a quick history lesson, Operation AJAX is the CIA name for the1953 Iranian coup d’état, a coup that U.S. tax dollars had a direct hand in with the assistance of Kermit Roosevelt… yeah, I know, his name is Kermit… the name’s bad enough but what he did was worse. With a heavy amount of U.S.-fueled subterfuge, the democratically elected leader Prime Minister Mohammad Mosaddegh was overthrown, along with his secular government. And now, enter the ‘blowback’. Our foreign policy saw clandestine U.S. forces deposing Iran’s budding-democracy, then installing an unpopular authoritarian monarch, Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi. Well, as you can imagine, they didn’t much like the C.I.A. re-installing the dictator they’d just outed prior to having a democratic government… as a result? Serious damage was done to our reputation amongst the Iranian people and we’d effectively provided a contemporary political reason for Islamic radicals to vilify the West. When the anti-western Iranian Revolution came to pass in 1979, memories of American intervention were seared into the minds of the Persian people. And, here we are today… your average Ford-F150-driving neocon cheerleading for a Rick Santorum nuclear holocaust over Tehran, without having the slightest clue how the US-Iranian hostilities actually came to be.

I’m going to use that annoyingly over-used Einstein quote here… ‘Insanity is doing the same thing over and over… and expecting different results’. Unfortunately, time and again the mad captains of government here in D.C. have shown to be rather insane in this regard… let us hope that in this instance, they’re smart enough to avoid setting the stage for the kind of “revolution” Iran saw in 1979.

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