Paging Dr. Paul

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There are a disturbing number of journalists out there who cannot count to two. I captured a screen shot of a story — originally from the Daily Caller, but syndicated on Yahoo — with the following title: Poll: Romney leads New Hampshire, Huntsman in third, Perry in fourth. Though the headline has since changed to acknowledge Paul’s existence, it indicates that some elements of American media are still all-too-comfortable omitting the candidate from public consideration.

The headlines above refer to a poll that was conducted by Suffolk University/7NEWS.

Ron Paul is polling second place in New Hampshire, at a painfully distant 14 percent compared to frontrunner Romney, who is in a very comfortable lead with 41 percent. But if it is important to note Huntsman’s 10 percent, or Perry’s 8, it is certainly worth mentioning that the Tea Party’s progenitor is polling in the double digits.

A similar chain of events unfolded following Ron Paul’s second place win at the Ames straw poll, where he lost to Michelle Bachmann by less than 200 votes. Afterward, the candidate saw little media exposure, regardless of his statistical tie. The Daily Show‘s John Stewart took the mainstream media to task afterward asking, “how did libertarian Ron Paul become the 13th floor of a hotel?”

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