Trump: Let’s be marauders

According to Adam Tragone at Human Events, Trump proposes in a new book, ‘Time to Get Tough‘ that U.S. forces should take Iraq’s oil to repay debts incurred during the war:

In his explosive new book, Time to Get Tough, Trump expands and explains: “Call me old school, but I believe in the old warrior’s credo that ‘to the victor go the spoils.’ In other words, we don’t fight a war, hand over the keys to people who hate us, and leave. We win a war, take the oil to repay the financial costs we’ve incurred, and in so doing treat Iraq and everyone else fairly.”

“It’s hardly a radical idea,” continues Trump. “In September 2010, our own Government Accountability Office and others studied the issue in depth and concluded that a cost-sharing plan is feasible and wise.”

“From the very beginning of Operation Iraqi Freedom, I believed we should have hammered out the repayment plan with the Iraqis – through exiled Iraqi dissidents,” says Trump. “Oil revenues could have been used to reduce the sticker price for occupation. And there’s still no reason we can’t or shouldn’t implement a cost-sharing arrangement with Iraq.”

Real estate mogul. Reality television star. And now, foreign policy expert, Donald J. Trump.

2 responses to “Trump: Let’s be marauders

  • Kit

    My humble opinion is that first you don’t invade a sovereign nation. Then you don’t have any costs incurred and none to recover. Just say NO to meddling in other nations’ affairs. Our own country is in shambles and out of control We don’t have the competence or the money to go trying to control other nations’ affairs.

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