Donald Trump needs a new act

Donald J. Trump

Mitt Romney got the King Maker’s blessing Thursday.

Funnyman Donald J. Trump has finally endorsed a Republican for President.  Oh, he’s a businessman you say? One might wager he is less an effective business leader so much as he is a gambler; his Atlantic City casinos and hotels have had to file for Bankruptcy on three separate occasions. Maybe he just wants Romney’s insider tips on good hair.

For a man once leading Republican Presidential polling (around April Fool’s time last year), one has to wonder just what his conservative credentials are, besides suggesting we be marauders. Ron Paul’s campaign can help fill in the blanks; they expressed their extreme regret at missing out on The Donald’s endorsement.

Reality TV star, Donald Trump, who endorsed and contributed money to Harry Reid and Charlie Rangel will travel today to Nevada to endorse a Republican candidate?

Please explain to us why anyone would care.

Please explain to Republican voters in Nevada why they should consider the opinion of a billionaire from New York who endorsed the arch enemy of all Republicans in Nevada, and really the enemy of all Republicans in the US…

Shepard Smith over at Fox noted that we’re all still waiting to hear who Big Bird and Shakira will be backing for the Republican nomination.

Donald Trump needs to find a more appropriate venue in which to focus his masterful showmanship. Apparently reality TV just cannot quell his thirst. I hear Barnum and Bailey Circus is touring right now.

2 responses to “Donald Trump needs a new act

  • Kit

    This editorial hit the nail on the head. What we have is a great Two-Parties-Masquerading-As-One scheme. Also, the New World Order (NWO) brainwashing involves using “reality” TV stars, Hollywood bimbos and sensationalist-entertainment figures to “render the news” for us. Rendering is a term for video editing, it means when the raw data is processed through the computer. The NWO has its pawns in the media process the news, to give the masses the impression desired by the NWO lords. This editorial spells out just how phony it all is.

    There are several different layers of entrepreneurs and private business-men (business-people for all the feminists out there). The first layer is just plain folks with a good idea, some ambition and organizational skills who strike out for themselves. Then you get the folks who are better capitalized, have more time under their belts and then they get corporations who have to knuckle under to all the absurd Federal and NWO regulations and red tape. These regulations and red tape are simply a barrier to up-and-coming companies which might supplant the monopolists-oligarchists at the top. In the USA and Europe and throughout the globe, the multi-nationals, somewhat synonymous with the Fortune 500, form the Establishment businesses (which all operate under the consent of, or under collusion with the NWO). Once you make it to the top layer, you are in bed with the NWO. Oligarchy simply means that any given industry has 2 or 3 different “competitors”. They all join hands, fix prices and control the market. Two or three big competitors is all that any given industry needs in the opinion of the NWO, and “regulations”, “laws” and “paperwork” is the bat they use to keep pesky innovators and competitors at bay. Only the Big two or Big 3 can afford all the paid legal staff to deal with laws, regulations and paperwork. This is how they squelch any competitors and keep prices up.

    Donald Trump is a NWO-globalist kind of guy. He has connections and big name recognition. He hangs out in New York, one of the capitals of the NWO, a big, crowded, rat-race, expensive place mere mortals cannot thrive or normally tolerate. He is the “clown figure” with good publicity value and thus he is appointed to “render the news” that he is supporting Mitt Romney.

    Mitt Romney is better looking than Newtie-Pazootie and he doesn’t have the adultery and ditching-ex-wives-when-they-get-critically-ill baggage that Newt does. Nonetheless, Ison’t make the mistaking of implicitly trusting Mitt. Ron Paul is given the cold shoulder by the media, which means he must be doing something not in league with the NWO.

  • Kit

    Oh, one extra trivial point. With all of his money, why doesn’t THE DONALD simply get a decent toupee or hair transplant to cover-up his bald spots and/or receding hair line? This is the height of “hair deficit denial”. Yeah, he has thinning hair, but just present yourself more gracefully! This massive comb-over scheme is already recognized.

    Willard Scott used to doff his toupee at TV viewers. His toupee looked very good, but when he doffed it like a hat, the viewers got a real kick out of it. They appreciated that he didn’t take himself too seriously. THE DONALD has an ego that doesn’t quit.

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