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Why stop at banning guns? Let’s ban plastic shapes.


Perhaps it was naive of us, as citizens of a supposedly-free country, to presume that we could so openly flaunt our ability to produce something (save for a filled-out tax form) without Uncle Sam’s permission. While Obama’s faithful prophets at Organizing for America (#OFA) run wild with tweets about #NotBackingDown (from gun control), the State Department is setting its crosshairs on 3D-printing. You silly plebeians should know that all activity (and information) must be taxed, licensed, or banned.

25-year-old Cody Wilson, the man who invented the world’s first 3D-Printed gun, the brain behind Defense Distributed, is learning that the hard way.

The U.S. State Department has taken files for the plastic shapes (used to construct the gun) offline– citing intentional arms control law.

Courtesy: Forbes

Courtesy: Forbes
These are illegal plastic shapes. They’re bad, so don’t print them. Okay?

Defense Distributed’s stated mission is to be the harbinger of a world in which all citizens could have easy access to printable firearms. Wilson envisions a world in which citizens have the right to easily arm themselves, if they so wish:

This project might change the way we think about gun control and consumption. How do governments behave if they must one day operate on the assumption that any and every citizen has near instant access to a firearm through the Internet? Let’s find out.

The Federal Leviathan didn’t like that. So, according to Betabeat, some microtyrants sent Cody this letter (click to enlarge):

The government, lol

Courtesy: Betabeat
LOL, no. Here’s a bunch of acronyms and jargon as to why.

Just look at all those delightful acronyms! My reaction to this was basically ‘TLDR,” we all know the gist of it anyway.

“NO.JPEG, only tax-subsidized employees should have easy access to firearms.” – John Kerry, Secretary of State (no citation needed)

Hey! Don’t forget Mexican Drug Cartels“- Eric Holder, Attorney General (no citation needed)

SOPA, PIPA, CISPA– why does the government need to pass these bills to tighten the leash on we the subjects? As is evident, they can simply use their numerous fiat agencies to shut down portions of the internet that distribute information that they do not favor.

By now, most people have heard about the Open Carry March that radio host Adam Kokesh is leading on July 4th. The event proposes that 1,000+ strangers walk into the capitol of the Federal Leviathan bearing loaded weapons. It is a foolish idea; too many incalculable variables. The event’s proposed actions carry too much potential to go sideways– ending in mass arrests, or even violence.

D.C. Police Chief Cathy Lanier has already vowed to block the marchers from entering the district with loaded weapons.

If proponents of free commerce, production, and yes, gun rights really wanted to send an impactful message? They should be marching in to give out flash drives with “Liberator” 3D-print files and various 3D-printed plastic shapes. An armed police barricade blocking a contingent of flash-drive-carrying activists would look far more ridiculous for the police. As it stands, Kokesh is giving the lefties in the corporate media the exact kind of stories and imagery they crave to paint gun owners as crazy, hostile, and threatening.

Of course, despite the draconian approach of the State Department, the files are still out there– if you want them. Seek the wisdom of Google, or other torrent sites; I don’t want John Kerry replacing my blog content with a big picture of a State Department Eagle  — but I wish you happy hunting.


Presidents, Supreme Cowards of the Free World?

Over at VICE, Harry Cheadle tackles a subject that deserves far more attention than it is yet getting. ‘We’ need to stop arresting so many children.

Our legal system is (on so many levels) a failure to be certain– but now with so many tales of minors being slapped with threats of imprisonment, it’s time to put harsher light on it. Young people threatened with spending decades and decades of their finite lives in metal cages– is a problem absolutely worth confronting. These aren’t kids accused of setting pressure cooker bombs out on public streets that I’m talking about. These are just your average dumb kids, doing stupid (sometimes very stupid) things. Why aren’t more leaders speaking about the absurd punishments they’re being dealt?

Journalists are, as Cheadle elabroates:

On Thursday, Cameron D’Ambrosio, an 18-year-old from Methuen, Massachusetts, was arrested for making felony bomb threats thanks to a lame video he posted to Facebook of himself rapping about having a bunch of money and killing people. “Cammy Dee” could get up to 20 years for his shitty, shitty rapping and posturing, and his bail has been set at $1 million.

He details a second case of outrageous legal over-punishment below:

Then there’s the case of Kiera Wilmot, a 16-year-old from Florida who was amusing herself before school on April 22 in the manner of nerdy kids everywhere, by fooling around with science. She mixed toilet-bowl cleaner and aluminum foil in a water bottle, which resulted in a chemical reaction that produced “a firecracker-like ‘pop’ and some smoke… , Kiera is, absurdly, getting charged with “possession and discharge of a weapon on school ground and with discharging a destructive device” and being tried as an adult.

kids are dumb
Horsing around? Go to jail. Go directly to jail. And pay us $200. Then pay us some more.

Journalists and social media activists are exposing these ridiculous stories, but our so-called leaders are too busy letting Americans hear about their picks for NCAA tournaments. What is this garbage?

I have been thinking about the office of the Presidency today.

The office of the President is quite muted today, at least when I consider what it could be. People rally behind presidential rhetoric, entire brands are built around their words and acts. In the Western world, I’d posit that Obama’s logo is as recognizable as Apple’s.


And yet, when it comes to the presidency, we always have some partisan agent with an agenda far beyond ‘standing up for the people’. Do you truly think Romney or McCain would have shaken loose from this trend? I don’t. Bush was most certainly not an avatar of transparency or justice. The President is supposed to be our ultimate representative in government, the so-called ‘leader of the free world’ and yet we have opaque administrations– term after term. It’s an incredibly insulated position, the public is occluded from seeing much of what these men have done in our names on a day-to-day basis; it should be just the opposite. Where is the public interaction?

When these Presidents see cases of injustice, they should speak on it. Candidly.  If they can find time to golf, go to basketball games, and make sports predictions– they can find time to speak on true injustice. They volunteered to lead the country, not play 18 holes. And they should do so more than once in a blue moon, when it is politically convenient to have a fluff piece in the grocery store checkout line. They should do so frequently. Governors, mayors, congressmen– they should all be speaking out more. Drop the broad strokes and open up about specific cases. You’re in positions of power. Shame those enforcing bad laws. Stop being afraid of your poll numbers for fear of backlash. Be real leaders.

We put kids in jail for plants. Plants. Well what if they don’t want to go to jail?

What’s that bag of illegal nature you have there? Oh you don’t want to go to jail? You better become an informant and endanger yourself, sorry if you get killed– not our problem.

A president that had a pair would openly mock and criticize this entire inane practice of punishing and endangering kids over marijuana. We put them in jail for saying or doing stupid things– well, what does one expect them to do? They’re children! Does anyone expect them to be fully rational, capable beings in a cradle-to-grave system of taxation and ‘education’?

While we are on the topic of ridiculous drug policies– we penalize people dying from cancer by letting Eric Holder raid medicinal marijuana dispensaries,


Presidents are not meant to be supreme rulers, but they certainly have louder voices than 99% of the world. No sane person should think these legal practices are acceptable. A government should not be run as a corporation, with an executive whose primary function is to run ‘Cover Your Ass’ protocol for every agent in our tax-funded leviathan. But that’s exactly what our current Commander-in-Chief just did, when invited to speak in a graduation ceremony at Ohio State University.

Instead of being a vocal critic of bad policy, a warrior for justice, President Obama has become an apologist for the federal leviathan — encouraging the younglings to ‘reject those voices who warn of tyranny’. It is supreme cowardice that so little of substance is said about the failures of our government. Instead of confronting these failures, we have a president pretending to be didactic; spewing long, deceptively-glossed over, foolishly-optimistic  verbal head pats about the beauty of being a citizen.

I’ll have to steal Cheadle’s last line to close my own thoughts, because it is just too good:

So until the adults can figure out a way to get the prison-industrial complex in check, try not to do anything whatsoever, OK? And never film yourself rapping.

Now let me add:

Grow a pair Mr. President.


I took an extended hiatus (understatement?) while I performed a litany of re-calibrations in my personal affairs.

One year, a relocation to DC, and a job change later– a website rebuild and regular updates are finally happening. Make no mistake, Machine Smash is coming back. New content begins rolling out now. Look for the full website relaunch in early Fall.


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