A More Personal Post… My Own ‘Millennial Crisis’

My thoughts on experiencing the ‘Millennial Crisis’:

It’s not a secret that a large portion of Millennials are dealing with turbulence. The world economy, the state of the culture, the burdens set upon our shoulders by the generations before us. And through all of that– we constantly see garbage ‘Blame the spoiled Millennial’ sentiments being published across the media spectrum. Usually written by Generation X and Baby Boomers who were able to buy houses and start families in their 20s.

Given that– how many of you are feeling disheartened? Defeated? Still clueless about what you want to do next? Wondering how you’re going to get by?

I wanted to share a story that I’ve never fully disclosed publicly, at least not in detail:

Two years ago I was concluding an intimidating job interview in an executive room of a NYC high rise, being promised a Fox Business television production job by Judge Andrew Napolitano. He hugged me and congratulated me. My career in journalism and political commentary seemed to have just hit light speed. A producer at Fox by 25? Not going to deny that I was feeling pretty proud of myself.

Despite my best efforts, and a great interview– that job didn’t materialize, for reasons beyond my control. Then I got hit with a litany of misfortunes, in both matters of the heart and matters of my health. I felt heart broken, hopeless, and permanently defeated. I felt completely destroyed.

I ended up hitting a brick wall and having to move back to Charlotte.

So, a year and a half ago I was stacking wine boxes for $10 an hour and living back on my parents couch. 26 years old, with a proven record as a writer, and a college degree; that’s what I was doing.

I clawed my way back by 27– in every respect. The main thing I did– was to just get up every day and keep going. I’d wake up, fix breakfast, and get dressed in a shirt and tie like I was going to work– even if I wasn’t going anywhere that day. I kept writing, I kept honing my passions, and I stayed on the radar. I volunteered at a local Television station and spent my free time writing freelance for local magazines. I even got involved with a pet sitting business on the side, just to make extra pocket money. I didn’t let myself retreat into quietism, even when I wanted to just curl up in a ball and sob.

I refused to lower my sights, compromise on the life I wanted, or accept that my fate was sealed.

So a year after my temporary downfall, I managed to sign a new lease on my old rental house in DC and secure a full time job with an organization that allows me to hone my pursuits in both media and in politics. I get to work with friends, instead of just ‘colleagues’ — and I love what I do.

I’ve spent the past year rebuilding my life: My network, my credit, my reputation; I’m getting financial footing, and poising to return to writing and commentary in the process. My career is still in embryonic stages, but day-by-day, I’ve pressed forward. I only get busier, and the busier I get, the more I pursue my passions. The more I pursue my passions, the happier I become.

The important part of this story, the most important thing that I did during this journey from the apex of a New York City high rise  to the rock bottom of a retail sales floor– was that I got back up and threw some massive retaliatory punches at misfortune. It knocked me down, but I didn’t let it knock me out.

So, if you’re having a ‘Millennial Crisis’ — I’m going to keep my advice simple: don’t give up.  Focus your passions into tangible work… and then do work.

One response to “A More Personal Post… My Own ‘Millennial Crisis’

  • Kit

    CHD, good for you! As for Baby Boomers and Generaton X, they are not all bad people, and they certainly did not, as a group, all cause the problems of today. It is a tiny, sociopath elite, call it the New World Order or the Globalists. From their back rooms and clandestine meetings, they have unleashed so much hell on all of us, of all generations for so many decades. I salute you for having a good attitude. We all are in for a tough ride these days. Overpopulation, resource depletion, corporate crooks, Wall Street criminals, War Mongers and political slime has degraded so much quality of life. Everything each of us can do to amend the situation is commendable. Even if what we personally do seems small, if enough of us do something positive, that will give us reason to keep keeping on, might even turn things around for the better.

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