The Patriarchy Did Not Pull the Trigger

A lot has been said about last week’s tragedy in Santa Barbara. Particularly, speculation about the shooter– and what drove him to act in such a horrific manner as to claim the lives of six other people, injuring over a dozen others.

If you pay too much attention to the media, you’ll learn that: Guns are to blame. The gun lobby is to blame. Parents are to blame. Politicians are to blame. And my favorite, I keep hearing feminists claim that a so-called ‘men’s right movement’ is also to blame. atie Mcdonough over at Salon (yeah, ew) says about as much, going after both guns and misogyny but waving away the factor of mental illness as a “blanket term.”

It’s hard to say what any of this actually tells us. Maybe nothing. I won’t pretend to know. What role did Rodger’s misogyny play in this tragedy? And what about his apparent struggle with mental illness — that big, blanket term we never talk about except to throw it around as if it explains why someone would murder six people? And what about guns? 

When social justice ‘warriors’ and other various leftists project their personal agenda onto the situation in Santa Barbara, they’re pushing just as much misinformation as run-of-the-mill gun grabbers. Everyone is in a hurry to project their political or personal agenda onto tragedy. The shooter used a gun to kill people; true. The shooter was a misogynist; true. He was driven to misogyny, malevolence, and murder by mental illness– not institutional ‘patriarchy’. Yes, it is a broad term, because mental illness is a broad spectrum of disorders. Some mental disabilities cause more harm than others. Unsuccessful treatment of mental illness brought about tragedy. It’s 2014, folks should act like it– a good first step would be to stop emotionally collectivizing people based on their race and their sexual biology. 

‘The Patriarchy’ didn’t pull the Trigger. The trigger didn’t pull the trigger. Elliot Rodgers killed those human beings, no one else.

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